The Dragon Empire

Axis, City of Swords
The capital of the Dragon Empire sits inside the crater of an ancient volcano. The shards of the crater wall stand high above the city, carved into the likeness of great dragons and rife with troop tunnels and magical defenses. The topmost city spires and the magical clouds above them are the home of three or four dozen dragons—the remaining members of the army of metallic dragons that the Great Gold Wyrm gifted to the first Emperor to help him defeat the Lich King.

Concord, City of Spires
Concord is a blend of high elf spires, woodlands, carved dwarven holds, and halfling burrows—it’s a garden city, and in places too wild to even count as a garden. Elves, dwarves, and other nonhumans are familiar in all the cities of the human-dominated Dragon Empire. But in Concord, nonhumans predominate and have formed a society unlike anything else in the Empire or the kingdoms that would otherwise hold their citizen’s allegiance. The Dragon Emperor, Elf Queen, and Dwarf King are not entirely comfortable with Concord’s blend of citizens and diverse strengths, but so far the experiment has not caught on beyond Concord’s walls. This racial co-existence may be due to the fact that the city itself has magic that enables alliances that would falter elsewhere.

Glitterhaegen, City of Coins
If everything has a price, Glittergarden is where you can find someone willing to take your money. It’s the most mercantile of the Seven Cities, a place where merchant guilds have more sway than the Imperial governor and the thieves guild thrives despite countless pogroms to squash it.

Horizon, City of Wonder
Horizon is a magical city heavily influenced by the Archmage. It holds unparalleled libraries of arcane lore, wizards busy with mysterious tasks, rival arcane guilds competing in all ways, and, of course, many opportunities for some wizards to be recognized as exceptional individuals who can accomplish what the other wizards cannot. Of course, it is also home to the prestigious, and sanctioned, Imperial School of Wizardry.

New Port, City of Opportunity
New Port is the newest of the Seven Cities, which means that it is three hundred years old. Most historians claim that it was created by refugees when Drakkenhall was overrun by the monsters. New Port is run by an Imperial governor, but not with a firm hand. The imperial governor seems more concerned with dealing with the numerous trouble makers from the Razor Coast, Port Plunder and Port Shaw than anything else. He feels that pirates and their ilk are a true scourge on his shipping lanes.

Santa Cora, City of Temples
Santa Cora has always been the spiritual center of the Empire. Now that the Priestess has built her Grand Cathedral there, dedicated to the Gods of Light it could be the spiritual center of the world. A few of the Old Gods are represented in the Great Cathedral as a sign of respect and history but the Old Gods also have temples outside its gates.

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The Dragon Empire

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