13 True Ways

Chapter 1 - Shadows Of Eldolan (Session 1)
Zombies From the Sewers

The heroes arrived in Eldolan‘s Hawker’s Square to meet with Jadu, the sentient sprite in servitude to the Archmage. Each of them has their own business to attend to with Jadu – Sirron had a message to deliver; and much like Tigg, Puriel had been asked to attend an audience with the Archmage.

Having gathered together, suddenly, following the crash of a pumpkin cart, the square was filled with the walking dead. Jadu was suddenly engulfed in a protective magical whirlwind. The heroes fought bravely and beat back the undead. Puriel unleashed righteous fury upon them with the blessing of the heavens. With the battle over the Silver Shields finally arrived on the scene and began questioning bystanders. Sirron used his status with the Emperor to ingratiate himself with them and join the Shield’s investigation, along with the rest of the party. Jadu asked them to seek her out once they had finished.

Asking around the square they learn that Rumney Twosilver had been quite upset cause that pumpkin cart was parked in from of his stall all morning, blocking potential customer traffic. Rumney told them that the cart had been parked their earlier by two silver-grey robed figures. He didn’t recognize them but he did know who the cart belong to: Pazarius Rane.As they were about to leave to confront Pazarius, they noticed a young lady in burgundy robes fussing with the Silver Shields. Her name was Caleb Rosefist, a local student with the Hidden Veil. She was quite upset cause last night she had told the Silver Shields that she had seen strange activity in the Hawker’s Square. The lanterns had suddenly gone out and using her familiar’s night vision she had seen a cabal arranging in the market, stashing some large things in the sewer entrance. Investigating the sewers some of the zombies had come up from, they found a sealed grate that was padlocked, warded, and appeared to have been untampered with. This meant the zombies had been planted here. One of the zombies had a pumpkinhead which suggested he was hidden among the pumpkins before the cart tumbled over. Likewise the other zombies had been hidden in small alcoves and alleyways, waiting to spring the attack. This was begin to look like a sort of terrorist plot – and the heroes were determined to find out who was responsible and bring them to justice.

Exhausting their leads in the market, the heroes decided to confront Pazarius. Asking around they learned the location his general store and found him closing shop early. He was clearly acting cagey so they began to question him, but he remained obstinate in his non-involvement till Puriel gave a heavenly order to him. Pleading forgiveness, he revealed he had sold the cart a few days ago to two silver-robed person for way more than it was worth – enough so Pazarius was unconcerned with why they wanted it. He didn’t know who they were, but he heard the words “ghostface” and “Greyson,” also they mentioned something about the Old Brewery. with a little convincing more he also remembered one of them might have worn a brass chain.


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