The Diabolist's Own Bakery

So delicious, it’s sinful!


The Diabolist’s Own Bakery is infamous for both its cheese-cake-y, disrespectful imagery of the Diabolist as their mascot and its impossibly delicious double chocolate cake along with other delightful pastries. Citizens of Eldolan line up in the early morning around the block to get first grab of their freshly baked breads and treats. The Diabolist’s Own Chocolate Cake is only available on order two weeks in advance and can be delivered anywhere across the Dragon Empire via self-delivering enchanted flying boxes. Rumor has it the only reason the Diabolist hasn’t razed the establishment to the ground is because she has a taste for their decadent goods, demanding tribute from their ovens in the form of cakes, cookies, and pastries.

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The Diabolist's Own Bakery

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